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Female political media discourse in American and English linguocultures: speech strategies and tactics
Elena B. Ponomarenko – Natalia N. Vasilkova – Nadezda N. Volskaya – Larisa T. Kasperova – Anastasia V. Nikolaeva
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.50
The article is devoted to realization of speech strategies and tactics, description of the gender approach to the study of political media communication, consideration of gender analysis of American and English political texts. Gender strategies are identified as a factor in the realization of the policy language. Strategies and tactics used by female politicians in the political discourse are identified and described. Female strategies and tactics in the American and English political media discourse are established. The gender approach to the study of the characteristic features of political communication presupposes an analysis of the speech interaction of men and women engaged in a political media activity, in accordance with their biological affiliation within the framework of this discourse. Gender analysis of American and English political texts reveals the characteristics of the feminine political media language in American and English linguocultures. 

Key words: mass media, media discourse, female political media discourse, pragmatic effects, influence, speech strategies and tactics, American and English linguocultures

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