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The tendency of word usage in the modern Russian and Kazakhstan media
Zhanar Kiynova – Sandugash Sansyzbaeva – Ainash Ahmetzhanova – Dariga Kapasova – Indira Muratbayeva
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.54
The article discusses the features of the use of modern language Slavonic words in newspapers. On the material, collected from the newspaper subcorpus of Russian National Corpus, active language describes the processes that are most clearly reflected in the media. On the basis of the analyzed context, the author draws conclusions about the main trends of the modern use of somatic Slavonic words and stylistically marked verbs describing the same type of situation. There are given the examples of figurative rethinking of biblical terms as a result of various associations, reflecting the value ideas of a modern democratic society. 

Key words: modern Russian and Kazakhstan media, Slavonic words, stylistically labeled archaic words, Biblicisms, Russian national corpus

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