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Syntactic structures of subordinate clauses in English oral and written discourse
[Syntakticke struktury vedlajsích viet v anglickom hovorenom a pisanom prejave]
Rita Rafajlovicova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.58
The study presents a detailed formal and functional corpus-based analysis of subordinate clauses in different naturally occurring texts of spoken and written discourse. It also investigates the frequency of occurrence of subordinate clauses and the functions they serve within the analysed text types (newspaper, academic prose, fiction, and interview). The results obtained from the analysis show the differences in the use of particular formal and functional types of subordinate clauses as well as in their frequency of occurrence within the analysed media of different level of formality. Besides other findings, the results of the analyses also suggest that the distinctions in the use of subordinating strategies are not influenced by the medium (spoken or written), but they can be attributed to the degree of formality and the discursive function of the text type.

Key words: subordination, subordinate clauses, corpus, spoken discourse, written discourse, text type

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