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Verbal means of media manipulation with fears (on material of the American, English and Russian Tabloid Press)
Larisa L. Zelenskaya – Tatyana T. Zubareva – Vladimir N. Denisenko – Ludmila D. Chervyakova – Yulia A. Kosova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.03.04
The modern media discourse actively maintains an emotion of fear for manipulation of consciousness and behavior of the addressee. In the article, methods of creation of social phobias in mass media are considered. This article discusses verbal impact features in the modern media discourse, identifies and describes main methods to light fear situations in the tabloid press. The article is devoted to lexical, grammatical and stylistic means studying used in fear messages or causing fear messages in tabloid mass media to increase the effect of influence on the addressee, manipulation the mind of the recipient, the suggestion of fear to the media audiences. The integrated approach to research of verbal means of fears media manipulation including elements of the lexical and semantic, lexical and grammatical, interpretative, contextual analysis on the material of the American, English and Russian tabloid press in XXI century is used. It is established that the tabloid media adhering to the dominating ideologies generate and extend various fears applying verbal means of influence on the addressee. 

Key words: fears, influence, manipulation, suggestion, verbal means, media discourse, American, English, and Russian Tabloid Press

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