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The language, identity and culture of ethnic minorities in the Central European contexts
[Jazyk, identita a kultura etnickych minorit v stredoeuropskych suvislostiach]
Ladislav Lenovsky
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.04.11
Language and cultural diversity is a brand of Central Europe. The genesis and present existence of European nations, minorities and ethnographical groups is the origin result of specific historical processes and current trends. Slovaks as a nation with their own state, as well as minorities abroad; and the territory of Slovakia with its own minorities, are representatives of the Central European multicultural and multiethnic system, which consists of unique linguistic and ethnocultural entities. From the post-Osmanic period (colonization and revitalization), through the national revival (disintegration of the monarchy) and the "reformatting" of Europe (national states), to the eurounionization and globalization trends, these communities are the mirror of general and specific influences that has so far been reflected in their unique identity, language and culture.

Key words: language, culture, identity, minority, Slovaks, Slovakia

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