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New media: invective language transformation of global communication
Valerii L. Muzykant – Elena B. Ponomarenko – Victor V. Barabash – Vladimir N. Denisenko – Olga V. Shlykova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01.06

The article is devoted to studying new media. In the article, methods and techniques of invective language transformation of global communication are considered. This article discusses verbal features of the invective language in the modern media discourse. In work, psychological and linguistic approaches to the analysis of an obscene vocabulary are described. Obscene lexicon is considered as the emotional grammar of the speech. Authors use the following research methods: general scientific conceptual modeling, descriptive (observation, interpretation and generalization) and comparative method, functional and semantic analysis, contextual analysis, elements of discourse and component analysis. It is established that obscene lexicon is used not only as means of speech aggression, but also as means of optimization of interpersonal interaction in situations of frictionless communication where it can express negative and positive emotions and estimates.

Key words: new media, media discourse, invective language, global communication, linguistic transformations

Pages: 80 - 90

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