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On prosodic anticipatory hint

[O prozodickom anticipacnom naznaku]
Maria Palova – Mariana Zelenakova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01.13

The article focuses on anticipatory phonetic phenomena as the basic elements of microgenesis. The anticipatory speech strategies stretch from the micro level, i.e., purely phonetic segments, to the macro level of words, sentences, and discourse. On the micro level of speech, the anticipatory articulation gestures are understood as expansion or extension of such gestures to the neighboring phonetic segments. On the macro level, the extension of anticipatory phenomena exceeds segments and syllables. Segments and syllables are characterized by prosodic features, especially intonational schemes, that apply from words to the whole sections of sentences. As anticipatory phenomena are inherent to the speech production, in speech perception, percipients learned to use them should be able to reconstruct the actual linguistic meaning adequately. Therefore, we shall try to identify and analyze prosodic anticipatory hints in the French language. Our hypothesis is that the interpreter from the French language into the Slovak language, having a specific sensitivity to such hints, should be able to utilize them while making strategic decisions related to the attribution of meaning. Up to now, our research into the digitalized acoustic data has proven that it is indeed possible to identify and describe prosodic anticipatory hints that, either in isolation or together with higher linguistic levels, enable the recipient of the French discourse in oral form to apply the anticipatory strategies.

Key words: prosody, anticipation, interpretation, perception

Pages: 165 - 180

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