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Competences representing the goal of foreign language learning: is the approach real?

[Les competences en objectif d’apprentissage des langues : mythe ou realite ?]
Svetlana Kashchuk

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01XL.04

The article aims to question the modern state of theoretical basics of foreign language teaching. The author sufficiently grounds the importance of foreign language learning goal precision in the very introduction as this methodological category normally defines approaches, means and content of learning, altogether bringing (or not) the learner to the wanted result. Within the span of the article, the evolution of linguadidactical methods addressing the needs of a constantly dynamic society, is examined. The author traces the transformation of the goal of foreign language learning, from logical thinking improvement (grammar and translation method) to the formation of general and language-specific competences (competence approach). Upon the analysis of the transformation process and consecutive methods in use, the means and the content of foreign language learning, and in compliance with modern linguadidactic specialists’ opinions, the author concludes that the notion of competence is artificial in its essence. This ousts it from being the ground of effective foreign language learning process. As a solution to the poor efficiency choice of set-as-a-goal-competence problem, the author suggests alternative viewpoint of a Russian scholar Yefim Passov, who claimed that the goal of education is a man as such, not the competence formation process. Thus it’s not just communication using a number of artificially brought about competences, but the human being Homo moralis, a bearer of foreign language culture and capable of intercultural dialoguing, should be set as a goal.

Key words: foreign language learning goals, communicative competence, modern methods of foreign language teaching, linguadidactics methods evolution

Pages: 40 - 49

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