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New technology trends and innovative teaching of foreign languages: what are the most effective teaching strategies?

[Technologies innovantes pour l’enseignement du FLE : quelles sont les strategies pour les rendre plus efficaces ?]
Thierry Karsenti – Olga M. Kozarenko

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01XL.10

The rapid development of innovative technologies for global classrooms implies continuous, active implementation into daily teaching practices. However, innovation, and especially the digital kind, is viewed differently by language teaching researchers and their foreign language teaching colleagues. Among others, the objectives of this paper are to clarify current issues and trends and to respond to a number of research questions. How open to innovation are foreign language teachers? To what extent do innovative digital methods for foreign language teaching influence teachers’ career paths? Are these methods always used effectively? What are the challenges in providing pedagogical support for innovative initiatives in foreign language classes? Are these challenges the same for university and high school teachers? We conclude with 25 practical recommendations for applying digital approaches to language classes. The aim is to help foreign language teachers work with digital methods and tools more efficiently and effectively.

Key words: Teaching languages, language teaching, language learning, foreign languages, educational technology, teaching strategies, innovation

Pages: 128 - 144

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