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Methodology of teaching literature with digital means

[La methodologie de l'enseignement de la litterature avec le numerique]
Valbona Gashi-Berisha – Nerimane Kamberi

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01XL.11

Education in general adapts according to the evolution of our societies and technological evolution. The textbook has long reigned in all educational systems in all countries. Today, thanks to developments in technology, the teaching and learning of literature have new teaching aids. Changes as revolutionary as the digital world offer a transformation in education by integrating the text-image-screen relation to a reflection of the teaching of literature more based on the supports (computer, tablets, connected objects) and their tools (sites, software, web).
Integrating technologies into the teaching process encourages teachers and learners to use information and communication technologies (ICTs). For the past few years, digital technology has been providing tools (Dropbox, Annotation Studio, PairForm ...) that make it possible to organize and share documents and pedagogical files between teachers and students. This new digital strategy is also an integral part of the teaching of literature. We can then wonder about this new form of teaching: how does the methodology of digital technology transform the process of teaching and learning of literature?

Key words: Teaching, platform, literature, supports, tools

Pages: 145 - 160

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