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French and Slovak brand names – contrastive aspect

[Les noms de marques francais et slovaques, aspect contrastif]
Ludmila Meskova – Jana Pecnikova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01XL.16

The paper is focused on the issue of brand names from a linguistic point of view. It deals with the compilation of brand name database in French and Slovak language and their semantic and formal analysis to point out differences among them. Specifically, discussion forums and blogs are the sources of the excerpting of brand names. The brands are lexicalized, and they become common nouns (Škoda: škodovka, Coca Cola: kola, Botas: botasky, Champagne: šampanské, Cognac: koňak, etc.). The nouns of brands can be understandable for native speakers, but it is not the case of foreigners. Many brands are typical of various cultures, but some of them are only typical for a specific culture. The creation of brands is accompanied by lexical creativity.

Key words: brand names, derivations of brand names, French-Slovak database of brand names, cultural identity, lexical creativity
French and Slovak Brand Names – Contrastive Aspect

Pages: 218 - 228

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