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Pertaining to semantics and syntagmatics of Russian word [доброта] ‘kindness’
Michael M. Rodin – Ilshat S. Nasipov  – Raushaniya R. Gareeva – Gulnaz G. Sattarova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.03.12

This paper offers an analysis of semantic structure and distribution of the Russian word [доброта] ‘kindness’. Analysis of semantics and syntagmatic of the word [доброта] ‘kindness’ allows assuming that in terms of ethical accounts of the Russian linguistic view of the world the meaning of [добрый] ‘kind’ is related to the domain of emotions, desires, human qualities, categories of fairness and irrational spirituality. [Доброта] ‘kindness’ correlates with the «top» end of the ethical line of the world’s conceptual model ― Good-to-Evil rating scale ― with all «dimensions» of anthropocentric image of the world (linguistic reflections of the reality acquired by human being): with objects and persons, with acts and processes, with qualities and relationships. These observations seem to be of great interest currently, as academic dictionaries bear no evidence of semantic earmark of irrationality.

Key words: semantics, syntagmatic, Russian word [доброта] ‘kindness’

Pages: 141 -151

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