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Problem of translation of certain implicit grammatical categories
Irina V. Timoshenko

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.02.13

The paper presents the results of contrastive analysis of linguistic units used to indicate the reference type of nouns and nominal groups in articled and articleless languages based on translations of chapters of the novel “Master and Margarita” by M.A. Bulgakov from Russian into English and French. By isolating the article semantic invariant, which is common for the compared languages, and matching it with lexical, grammatical and syntactical means of the articleless language, the ways of implicit indication of different reference types have been identified. This paper gives an analysis of the transfer of the meaning of the original implicit language category by means of the overt category of the language into which the translation is done on the material of parallel texts performed by native speakers of the target language. Comparison of the use of articles in order to convey the identical meaning of the reference of nouns and nominal groups in translations made it possible to identify mismatches and consider the possible causes of these mismatches localized in the original language, as well as to study the fundamental admissibility of such discrepancies by the grammar of the languages into which the translation is done.

Key words: reference of a noun, implicit categories, article invariant, implicitness, non-sister languages, translation practice

Pages: 152 - 162

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