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Shaping methodology to explore language use in discourse on child and youth rights
Anastasia Atabekova – Natalia Belenkova – Larisa Lutskovskaia – Tatyana Shoustikova – Natalia Udina

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.04.02

Contemporary society draws consistent attention to the protection of the rights of minors and youth as they form the human capital of the future. The above rights implementation takes place through verbal discourse. Thus, language means are crucial for solutions to and consequences of the discussion on minors’ and youth's rights. Therefore, verbal-speech instruments use within the respective discourse require specific studies. However, these verbal instruments are not on the agenda of modern language studies so far. Even the methodology to conduct the respective analysis has not been discussed or drafted yet. The above confirms the relevance and novelty of the proposed research angle that bears theoretical and methodological nature. The paper's goal is to design methodology for language analysis within discourse on child and youth rights. This goal requires the analysis of research trends in the field, the search for philosophical grounds of the announced methodology, the identification of its constituent components, and the consideration of proposed methodology prospects. The findings make it possible to specify key research objects, materials, stages, methods, and approaches that are relevant for studies of language in the discourse on child and youth rights. The results confirm that the methodology to study language use in discourse on child rights should stand on the integrated paradigm and multidimensional analysis. The development of the mentioned methodology allows conducting further applied analysis of the phenomenon under study and lying grounds for applied research on efficient language use in the discussion on child rights.

Key words: critical discourse analysis, discourse on children and youth rights, communicative responsibility for language use

Pages: 18 - 29

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