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Philosophical and societal elements of human upbringing
[Filozoficke a spolocenske aspekty vychovy cloveka]
Jan Danek

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.04.06

The study is focused on analysis of topical issues of creating human personality. The author’s base is on the theory of philosophy of education and in particular on its importance. The text gradually resolves the philosophy of man in relation to the nature and the society, the philosophy of education and the philosophy of pedagogy as educational science. The summary of meanings of the philosophy of education links the human being with nature and society and with socialization of man and his decent life. Formation of man’s personality is connected with the education and training as part of culture, analysis of the conditions of existence of the contemporary world with the need of natural activities and responsibility of educators and those who are brought up. From the aspect of the educational philosophy, educational context is bound to global issues, which we can deduce the content and orientation of education and training within a national scale from. The study also addresses the need to analyze the position and importance of man in human life and in the world in meaning of his naturalness, offers the solution for the development of man and his place in the society based on his natural growth influenced by heredity, environment and education.

Key words: man, upbringing, education, character, humanity, naturalness, society, life, wisdom, values

Pages: 66 -76

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