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Stylistic means of headline creating in the information-analytical media text: pragmasemantic aspect of metaphor
Natalya V. Karpovskaya – Oksana V. Shiryaeva – Marina R. Zheltukhina

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.04.15

The article discusses stylistic means of headline creating in the information and analytical media text. Pragmasemantic aspect of metaphor in headlines of information and analytical media texts is marked. The research methods are the inductive and deductive method, descriptive method, discourse analysis, linguocognitive analysis, pragmasemantic analysis, stylistic analysis, interpretative analysis. Material for research comprises media texts of the Russian business analytical magazine "Expert" (2010). The pragmasemantic analysis of the Russian business information and analytical media discourse shows that the intention of the "objectivity" dominates. The pragmatical component of meanings is updated by means of implicit assessment (grammatical, lexical, and semantic, composite) influencing axiological modeling of the world picture of the discourse consumer. It is established that the most often metaphorical headline complex compensates the "objectivity" of the main text applying for modeling of a reliable situation.

Key words: media discourse, media text, information and analytical media text, headline, stylistic means, metaphor, pragmasemantic aspect

Pages: 173 - 182

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