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The importance of personality in the context of human education: global experience and Vietnamese philosophical perspectives
Thi Thanh Quy Truong

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.04.17

The human development in Vietnam after more than 30 years of renovation (Doi Moi) is not yet fully integrated into the global culture, failing to measure up to the standards of the developed nations within the UNO community. While some socio-cultural and economic indicators are now comparable to those of developed economies, the Vietnamese society experiences challenges in the area of holistic human development. Among the hindrances standing behind the slow pace of the Human Development Index in Vietnam today are degrading morality, feelings and experiences of estrangement (alienation), sub-optimal or even deviant values, declining faith (understood broadly), weak education, a lack of human approach in medicine, and cultural festivals boasting themselves as being “without culture.” Reflecting on the necessity to face the grievous ethical and behavioral issues in the contemporary Vietnamese society, the author finds it necessary to study the human development orientation of a number of countries around the world in order to identify and then apply the learned lessons in the Vietnamese context. The article stresses the importance of personality and its development as one of the primary goals of human education.

Key words: principles of education, goals of education, Vietnamese development, philosophy of education, personality

Pages: 192 - 211

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