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Axiological concepts of journalistic texts (lingua- stylistic analysis)

Assel Kozhakhmetova – Zhanna Ospanova – Manat Mussatayeva – Zhanat Bissenbayeva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.02.19

The description of the axiological concepts of the journalistic texts are related to solving the issues of media-linguistics, and axiological linguistics, while also providing insight to solve the pragmatic problems of linguistics itself. Values are embodied in language and consciousness in the form of axiological concepts and, together with archetypal concepts, form part of the axiological conceptosphere of an individual or community. In turn, axiological and archetypal concepts are updated against the background of axiological strategies that form a discursive space and determine the deployment of certain communicative scenarios. Integration processes in modern science determine the appeal of linguists to axiological concepts and methods in the study of the text. The urgency of the topic is due to several factors. Media texts are of interest to researchers since they are distinguished by stylistic multidimensionality and variability. Scientists are actively arguing about the correlation of such functional and cognitive phenomena as a media course, a media text, a journalistic style, a style of mass communication, etc. Linguists talk about the merging of social discourse with the media discourse about the mediation of journalism. Therefore, the relevance of this work lies in the development, expansion and deepening of scientific research of media texts as a communicative, cognitive and functional-stylistic phenomenon, in the creation of an invariant model of the axiological structure of the text, which provides the opportunity for effective study and description of the object, and in the development of metalanguage of linguistics. The aim of the research is to describe the axiological component of a newspaper text.

Key words: axiological, concepts, journalistic, texts, lingua- stylistic, analysis

Pages: 225 - 234

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