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Phenomenological meaning of foolishness for Christ
(Russian version yurodstvo)

Alexey N. Ilyin – Yulya G. Matushanskaya – Rosalina V. Shagieva – Nikolay N. Kosarenko

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.03.06

The relevance of the problem under study is due to contradictions between the ontological prerequisites of “yurodstvo” (foolishness for Christ) as a phenomenon of cultural and social life, phenomenological perceptions of juridical life, as well as views on it from the position of philosophy of religion at the beginning of the XXI century, enrichment of knowledge about its elements and characteristics, which make up the phenomenological meaning of foolishness for Christ. The purpose of the article is to reveal the phenomenological meaning of juridical life, to define it as a phenomenon of cultural, religious and social life, and to identify its ontological grounds. The leading method of studying this problem is the method of comparative-typological analysis, the systemic approach, the sociocultural approach, the principle of historism, the axiological method. At the same time, popular scholarly methods of knowledge were used: analysis and synthesis, climbing from abstract to concrete, ideas of determinism and synergistic historism were used. The article reveals the content of the concept of foolishness for Christ taking into account the ontological component; The elements that serve as phenomenological bases for the maintenance of the foolishness are identified; A methodological analysis of the content of the phenomenological meaning of foolishness for Christ has been carried out, a system of philosophical evaluation of foolishness for Christ has been formulated, and the nature of the presence of juridical life in social life has been analyzed.

Key words: Foolishness for Christ, foolishness, divine madness, phenomenological meaning, sanctity, nonlinear rationality of man

Pages: 51 - 62

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