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Philosophical and conceptual presentation of the emotional cluster of sadness: Metaphorization of German artistic consciousness

Nikolay A. Krasavsky – Kseniia M. Baranova – Valery L. Muzykant – Victor V. Barabash – Elena Yu. Burdovskaya

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.03.11

The article discusses the problem of the philosophical and conceptual verbalization of the emotional cluster of sadness. The purpose of this article is to identify features of philosophical and conceptual presentation of the emotional cluster of sadness and to explore metaphorization of German artistic consciousness. It is established that in German the cluster of emotions of sadness is formed by the following words: Trauer, Traurigkeit, Schwermut, Melancholie, Niedergeschlagenheit, Wehmut. They are synonymous to each other. As a dominant in this synonymous row the lexeme of "Trauer" acts. On material of German artistic prose of the 19-20th centuries the high-frequency explication of a concept "sadness" by means of a verbal metaphor is distinguished. The prevalence of a verbal artistic metaphor at expression and the description of this concept is caused by the aesthetic and pragmatical tasks solved by authors of the works. The most frequency semantic types of a verbal metaphor at an explication and the description of a concept "sadness" are revealed. Cognitive signs of the concept "sadness" are defined.

Key words: philosophical and conceptual presentation, emotion, emotional cluster, sadness, metaphorization, verbal metaphor, artistic consciousness, German artistic prose

Pages: 134 - 144

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