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Teaching the electric power and industry terminology during Coronavirus

Tolganay Kurmanbayeva – Damina Shaibakova – Meirimkul Tuleup – Marzhan Nurmakhanova – Karlygash Kubdasheva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.01.13

This paper is devoted to the study of general issues of teaching English terminology in the electric power industry during the Coronavirus. The outbreak of the pandemic posed a serious challenge to education systems around the world. For the first time ever, traditional face-to-face training turned out to be impossible. Governments’ decision to make distance education compulsory on all levels in the context of the coronavirus pandemic was unprecedented but needed. The development of the electric power industry affects the state of various industries and the daily life of people around the world. The search for alternative forms of education during the time of the crisis, therefore, became urgent. The aim of our research paper was to create a substantiated, experimentally proven methodology for teaching students terminological vocabulary of the professional language of the electric power industry during Coronavirus. In addition, we identified strategies for mastering professional terminological vocabulary pertaining to reading specialized texts as well as to oral communication in professionally significant communication situations focused on the electric power industry. To achieve this goal, the following tasks needed to be completed: (1) to study linguistic, psychological, psycholinguistic, methodological literature on the problems of teaching terminological vocabulary; (2) to determine the features of the functioning of the lexical skills of operating with professional terms; (3) to determine the lexical features of the terminological vocabulary of the sublanguage “the electric power industry”; (4) to develop based on this typology a technology for teaching students the skills of using terminological vocabulary in the process of oral and written communication; (5) to check the effectiveness of the proposed methodology in the process of experiential learning.

Key words: semantic characteristics, teaching, vocabulary, professional language, electric power industry, Coronavirus

Pages: 159-169

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