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Phraseological picture of the world in the texts of modern mass media

Sagira Odanova – Botagoz Nurzhanova – Bayan Akkozhina – Zharkynai Kokanova – Bakhytzhamal Sadyrbayeva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.02.09

The article deals with the definition of the phraseological picture of the world, reviews the existing approaches to its study in modern linguistics, and analyzes the objects of existing research that affect the problems of national representation of fragments of the phraseological picture of the world in the minds of native speakers. Also, the article examines the language picture of the world as a subject of study in the theories of modern communication. The article gives an up-to-date description of the content of this concept and its classification on various grounds (based on the object, subject, principles, and methods of language representation). The role of the linguistic picture of the world in the framework of the theory of intercultural and mass communication in semiotic and cognitive research is analyzed. The article further deals with the development and research of the linguistic picture of the world by both foreign and domestic scientists in this field. It describes the influence of the language of mass media on the picture of the world, namely, the work of journalists, where they use phraseology not only as it exists in the language, but also in a modified form, updating the semantics, structure and expressive and stylistic properties of phraseological turns.

Key words: language picture of the world, world picture, communication, language, semiotics, national picture of the world, intercultural communication

Pages: 120-128

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