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Science in retrotopia

Aleksander Kobylarek – Kamil Błaszczynski – Sohaib Alam

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.03.03

This article presents the position of science in the post-truth world. In a society subject to manipulation, knowledge is treated instrumentally as a useful gadget that must fit in with previously accepted theses. Manipulators appeal to a so-called retrotopia in order to fuel emotions and gain support for the authorities implementing absurd visions of reality. This places the creators of science in the role of objects, and consumers of science in a mindless, submissive situation. The position of science is also weakened by some scientists themselves, who challenge each another and are unable to cooperate with local communities. An antidote to post-truth is working on the dissemination of research results and cooperation in the transfer of these results to the interested groups. Implementational research projects involving various communities could become a new arena of understanding and, as a result, lead to building intelligent responsible communities which effectively resist post-truth.

Key words: symulacrum, science education, media, fake news, post-truth, fourth wave

Pages: 29-36

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