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Representations of the French language / culture among Qatari students enrolled in the minor of French at Qatar University

[Les représentations de la langue/culture française chez les étudiantes qatariennes inscrites en mineure de français à l’Université du Qatar]

Elie Alrabadi

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.04.10

This research is interested in the representations that Qatari students, enrolled in the French minor at Qatar University, have toward the French language/culture. The objective of this research is to analyze these representations as well as their influences on the motivations and attitudes of these students towards learning French. To achieve this goal, we conducted a survey among these students. The results this survey show that French generally receives positive representations, which should develop attitudes favorable to its learning.

Key words: Qatar, sociolinguistic situation, language practices, French language, representations, motivations, attitudes

Pages: 139-154

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