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Coherence in mediation activities at B1 and B2 levels

[Quelle cohérence pour l’activité de médiation aux niveaux B1 et B2]

Radoslaw Kucharczyk – Jaroslaw Krajka

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.04.06

The aim of this article is to analyze the issue of textual consistency in the context of mediation activities at B1 and B2 levels (in the context of French as Foreign Language).
First, we look at the question of text coherence that we analyze from both linguistic and didactic perspectives because the latter draws a lot from the contributions of pragmatics. As our research is in the context of teaching/learning foreign languages, we treat cohesion as one of the linguistic phenomena impacting coherence. In the following, our text deals with mediation as one of the activities to be developed in the language class. We are convinced that this type of language activity requires the learner to master logical connectors, which could make the mediated text coherent and - consequently - faithful to the source text. It is in this perspective that our research is situated, which concludes the article. We analyzed students' certification exams in French (at B1 and B2 levels) to see which logical connectors they used to mediate an oral and written. To do this, we developed a corpus that was submitted for analysis. The results of our study show that the list of logical connectors to which the students used is far from being representative for the given levels (B1 and B2 in this case), which allowed us to formulate pedagogical guidelines and questions for future research.

Key words: coherence, logical connectors, mediation, certification exam, FLE

Pages: 77-93

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