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The concept of “Businesswoman” in French linguaculture and media discourse

[Le concept de “femme d’affaires” dans la linguaculture et le discours médiatique français]

Raigul M. Baktiyarova – Kalbike U. Yessenova – Marina R. Zheltukhina – Irina V. Privalova – Elena B. Ponomarenko

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.04.07

This article analyses linguistic, cultural, and cognitive aspects of the image “businesswoman” in the French language. The target of this article is to study the features of the concept “business woman” in French media discourse and the representation of this concept in French linguistic culture. The linguistic units that verbalize the concept “businesswoman” in French media discourse are described. The representative and axiological characteristics of the concept of businesswoman in the French language are defined. The article presents a multi-faceted analysis of the concept “businesswoman”. The main modes of verbal exteriorization of the concept “businesswoman” with the help of the French language means are studied. The most important cognitive stereotypes are identified. These cognitive stereotypes serve as the reproduction base for the analyzed concept in the French language. It has been proved that the structures of the verbal exteriorization of the concept reflect the main model of a businesswoman in French cultural linguistics.

Key words: businesswoman, linguistic-cultural concept, linguistic awareness, world image, concept sphere, cognitive stereotype, media discourse

Pages: 94-112

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