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Contemporary societal division: resonance, alienation, and (politics of) fear

Bojan Zalec

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.01.11

The current situation is marked by a negative attitude of people towards politics and division between them. The author shows how we can understand the nature and origin of such a condition with the help of Rosa’s resonance theory and his theory of action. Rosa interprets the modern situation as alienation between people and politics and as a reaction of people to it. On this basis, the author explains the functioning of the politics of fear. He shows that the foundation of the fight against the politics of fear is to improve our relationships in terms of resonance. The author concludes that Rosa’s theory is very useful for understanding the central social and political problem of the modern world, the division between people and politics, which is also a major problem for democracy. Therefore, discussing this theory, elaborating it, applying it and developing it is very relevant and beneficial.

Key words: Hartmut Rosa, resonance, alienation, action theory, division between people and politics, politics of fear

Pages: 106-114

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