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Traces of mysticism and philosophical personalism in Vladimir S. Solovyov, Nikolai Lossky and Pavel A. Florensky

Nikolay A. Mashkin – Evgeny G. Panov – Anatoly S. Kislyakov – Olga V. Shevchenko – Evgeniya S. Buzhor – Galina V. Zarembo

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.01.12

Our paper analyzes the intellectual heritage of three great figures of the Russian (Eastern) theological and philosophical thought, identifying, comparing, and critically appraising the selected traces of mysticism and philosophical personalism in their works. We begin by analyzing the concrete historical background relevant to the intellectual development of each of the three authors. Next, we identify both common and divergent themes and emphases in their works and attempt to understand them in the context of the then-existing discourses that had influenced their thinking. This includes the discourse on Sophiology as well as questions related to Mariological and Trinitarian doctrines debated in the Orthodox Church and beyond. Lossky’s intellectual/spiritual legacy is depicted as one with the highest holistic and integrative potential, which arises from his philosophical personalism that can legitimately be construed as “spiritual personalism.”

Key words: Vladimir Solovyov, Pavel Florensky, Nikolai Lossky, philosophical personalism, mysticism, Russian Orthodoxy, Sophiology

Pages: 115-124

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