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The audiovisual translation of social media texts: New trends and analysis

Akmaral Satybaldiyeva – Almagul Kurmanbayeva – Almazbek Beishenaliyev – Zaure Sovetova – Raigul Rakhmetova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.02.13

In the context of the rapid development of technologies and various methods of communication, as well as the growing role of information in the life of society, information genres in different types of media are of particular importance. Currently, they are experiencing a stage of serious competition with new technological possibilities of forms for obtaining and creating information. The basis of progress in human society is recognized as a well-founded entity such as verbal communication. Human society today is most interested in the information that the media presents to it. The modern world is characterized by the active use of various information technologies, as they save time. Television messages are responsible for obtaining the necessary information in a short time. In other words, a person tends to emphasize information mainly from the Internet, television messages, from newspaper information. Television news releases often contain news blocks in English that need to be translated. Today, it is an urgent need, and it is valid and necessary in a variety of ways. This and many other factors explain the urgency of this problem. One of the main goals of knowing the world is the need for information. It is due to the subconscious desire of people to understand what is happening around – the desire in which the instinct of self-preservation and the orienting reflex that guides human development manifest themselves. At the moment, the media have such a significant impact on the life of society, on the consciousness and ideas of people. Modern mass media have a substantial effect on the life of society, on the consciousness and ideas of people. Society constantly needs to receive new information about what is happening globally.

Key words: audiovisual translation, media texts, news, functional approach

Pages: 164-172

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