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The impact of labor division on audiovisual translation consistency - a study of streaming TV series

Paweł Aleksandrowicz

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.02.02

The aim of the paper is to investigate the impact of labor division on translation consistency and quality in a streaming TV series by comparing Polish subtitles and voice-over. The study scrutinizes the translations of three series – Santa Clarita Diet, Orange Is the New Black and Insatiable – prepared using three labor division patterns: (1) translators change between seasons, (2) different translators prepare the subtitles and voice-over simultaneously, (3) several translators are assigned individual episodes of one season. The results are varied and depend on the division pattern. When translators change between seasons, there seems to be little to no difference in quality or consistency. When translators work simultaneously and independently on two modes, inconsistencies are likely to happen, and they could be detected if the audience switches between the modes when watching. Humour, register and vulgarity visibly vary between the translations, which can also potentially influence the reception of the translations. When different translators prepare individual episodes within the same mode, consistency suffers, and quality fluctuates. The results also reveal the beneficial effect of translator communication on consistency and quality.

Key words: collaborative translation, project management, translation division, translation consistency, quality assurance

Pages: 17-32

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