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Innovations in legal discourse translation practice

Madina Junusbayeva – Olga Byessonova – Kaldarbek Kuandykov – Rakhat Abdrakhmanov – Kanat Kozhabek – Duisekova Kulyash

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.02.06

This research deals with the translation of legal discourse into English and addresses the related problems. As legal translation is becoming increasingly important in the present global world, legal discourse appears to be one of the most challenging areas in translation practice. Hence, the studies in the field of translation in general and institutional-legal interlingual communication, in particular, appear to be of immense topicality. The research objective is to identify the main strategies relevant for legal discourse translation. As a result of the translation techniques analysis, the following effective strategies of legal discourse translation into English have been considered: terminological construction, the strategy of "conscious omissions," and the strategy of "conscious simplifications". Their effectiveness in solving many problems of legal translation into English has been proved, taking into account the dynamics of the legal discourse development, as well as linguistic and cultural factors. The expediency of using the suggested approaches and principles as a linguistic guide is substantiated.

Key words: innovation, translation practice, legal discourse, law text, translation strategy

Pages: 78-84

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