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Lexical-semantic features of color designations in some phrasemes

Nazgul Abdullina – Pamela Faber Benitez – Aidarbek Karlygash – Altynshash Kurmanali – Tengegul Ainabekova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.03.11

The problem of studying adjectives with the component "color" has recently become increasingly relevant. The focus of the study is a description of the features of color naming, color perception, as well as color designations in languages of various types. Particular attention is paid to the relationship between color terms and facts of extralinguistic reality.
The purpose of this work is to conduct a comparative study of the semantics of connotative increments of color terms in the phraseology of the English language, a cognitive-pragmatic analysis of fragments of literary texts that include the "color" component, and to identify national and cultural features of the functioning of colorisms in describing a person's appearance.

Key words: phraseological units, idiomatic meaning, color, color designation, linguoculturology, language picture of the world

Pages: 126-133

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