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National and cultural specifics of nicknames based on Internet discourse

Assel Imayo – Aktoty Raimkulova – Galiya Begembetova – Zhaksygeldy Ilyassov – Aizada Nussupova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.03.14

This article analyzes the national characteristics of nickname anthroponyms practiced in English and American ethnolinguistics and linguoculture.
The bases of the national-cultural marking of nicknames are determined. Their status in the language and society, in diachrony and synchrony, is described. Their semantics and functional-pragmatic potential are considered. In addition, the article deals with the problems of the modern status of nicknames as secondary unofficial names, which is a consequence of the development of means of linguistic identity of a person in society. The result was a division of anthroponyms into official and unofficial names based on the opposition "primary - secondary".

Key words: English, anthroponymy, nicknames, language and culture, linguistics, ethnolinguistics, national and cultural features

Pages: 166-174

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