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Secondary nomination in the French linguistic system and general properties of idioms

[Nomination secondaire dans le système linguistique français et propriétés générales des idiomes]

Bessimbayev Bakytzhan – Kozhakhmetova Assel – Aitbayeva Nursaule Konarbayevna – Adilbekova Elmira – Aldasheva Kamar

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.04.15

Linguistics has developed in recent years towards taxonomic models of structuralism, communication and pragmalinguistics, as well as towards textual linguistics and, later, towards cognitive linguistics. The shift in research paradigms in linguistics has also changed with respect to phraseology. Each linguistic orientation has posed its own range of problems in the study of phraseology in general and the semantics of phraseological units in particular.
In our study, analyzing the main directions of research in modern phraseology, we will pay more attention to such an analysis, "which is based on the study of many factors that influence the formation and functioning of the phenomena of the phraseological system" (Baranov). At the same time, it seems that one of the most fundamental factors is the internal form of the phraseological units, which determines the semantic, pragmatic and culturological characteristics of the phraseological units.
This work is based on the functional-parametric principle of description of phraseological units, which makes it possible to trace and identify the polystructural modeling features of phraseological semantics on the French language corpus.

Key words: secondary nomination, system, French, general goods, idioms

Pages: 185-195

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