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The evolution of word formation series in the French language

[L'évolution des séries de formation de mots en langue française]

Samal Sultanova – Ludmila Volkova – Tilektes Toxanbaeva – Bibigul Nygmetova – Liza Moldasheva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.04.16

The research is devoted to the study of the evolution of the series of word formation in French of the XI-XX centuries and to the identification of the dynamics of the functioning and development of their links. The interest in this diachronic study of the French language word formation series is explained by the need to develop theoretical and practical questions of historical word formation, whose main task is to describe the formation and development of the training system for them.
The evolution of the word formation system in the French language as a system of word formation series has not been the subject of particular research, although certain questions of historical word formation have attracted the attention of scholars, domestic and foreign scientists. The history of the development of the French language from the 9th century to the present day is covered, among others, in the works of N. A. Katagoshchina, N. M. Vasilyeva, L. M. Skrelina, L. A. Stanova (Katagoshchina, 1997; Skrelina, 2001). On the other hand, the works of Russian linguists provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the evolutionary processes that took place at the phonetic, morphological and syntactic levels of the development of the French language, but do not consider in detail the changes that took place in the system. French word formation.

Key words: evolution, word formation, French language, educational and psychological conditions, organization, independent work, students

Pages: 196-205

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