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About lexical-semantic aspects

[A propos des caractéristiques lexico-sémantiques]

Gulnara Abdiyeva – Almagul Maimakova – Feruza Yerzhanova – Alla Tsoy – Lyaila Togzhanova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.04.06

The relevance of the topic is determined by the need to deepen and describe the functioning of the inhomogeneous French language in the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland using specific lexical material. The analysis of intra and extralinguistic influences and their reflection in the Franco-Swiss literary version of the language is important for contact linguistics, and its relevance is due to the lack of depth of analysis of this issue. The analyst is particularly interested in the fact that in Switzerland, the French language exists within the legal framework of official multilingualism, in active interaction with three other equal national languages of the Confederation: German, Italian and Romansh. At the same time, the deviations of the French-Swiss national variant from the general French linguistic norm manifest themselves mainly at the lexical and semantic level.
The object of the study is the French language in the Swiss Confederation, its lexical, semantic and stylistic characteristics.

Key words: lexico-semantic characteristics, French language, linguistic-cultural aspect

Pages: 58-66

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