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The functional and stylistic characteristics of French advertising discourse in modern economic and political media

[Les caractéristiques fonctionnelles et stylistiques du discours publicitaire français dans les médias économiques et politiques modernes]

Elena N. Malyuga – Nataliia V. Poliakova – Veronika P. Shabanova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2022.15.04.07

The article examines the functional and stylistic features of French advertising discourse in modern economic and political media. The relevance of this issue stems from the fact that advertising texts are closest to the impact pole on the conditional message-impact scale. The advertising discourse is analyzed using the material of advertisements, articles, notes, interviews, and extended announcements in the French media of economic and political focus, and drawing on the example of contextual and media advertising retrieved from French economic and political websites. The paper attempts to comprehensively study advertising discourse with due consideration of the determining role of the functional and stylistic factors, analyze the main functions of advertising discourse, and highlight the main directions of research on advertising. Special attention is paid to the pragmatic orientation of advertising, which manifests itself in specific linguistic categories. The analysis of the linguistic material shows that modern advertising discourse in the French media of economic and political focus makes ample use of expressive means designed to exert an efficient impact on the recipient. Among the most commonly used means, metaphor, metonymy, anaphora, hyperbole and antithesis are at the top of the list. Figures of higher expressiveness and emotional coloring are shown to demonstrate a high frequency of use in advertising. These include rhetorical questions, rhetorical addresses and rhetorical exclamations. Figures of double meaning, such as language games based on linguistic ambiguity, are also successfully used in French advertising discourse.

Key words: advertising discourse, stylistic features, functional linguistics, pragmatic orientation, economic and political media

Pages: 67-78

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