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Corpus analysis in the study of the genitive constructions formed with hydronyms as the target component in English and Russian

Olga N. Prokhorova – Igor V. Chekulai – Olga D. Vishnyakova – Vladislav A. Kuchmistiy – Nikolay A. Prokhorov

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2023.16.01.17

The aim of the paper is to study the mechanism of forming nominal constructions consisting of two components, one of which denotes hydronym and the second one is an abstract noun, denoting emotional or mental state. The study is focused on identifying the list of the target lexemes, their frequency, combinability, and factors determining the formation of the construction under study. To analyze the studied linguistic phenomenon, linguistic and extralinguistic data are used, as well as the corpus analysis approach in combination with componential analysis.

Key words: hydronyms, generative construction, corpus analysis, indefinite sets, quantity, metaphorisation

Pages: 224-235

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