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The communicative strategy of sympathy: linguistic means of expression and problems of translation

Mariia Lychuk – Maryna Navalna – Liudmyla Marchuk – Svitlana Shabat-Savka – Olesia Skliarenko

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2023.16.01.03

The article is devoted to the analysis of linguistic means for describing the communicative strategy of sympathy. The study is based on the interpretation of the communicative strategy as a communication model aimed at planning the speech process. The article describes the linguistic means of expressing the communicative strategy of sympathy in English and the activity of using it. In the list of linguistic means, the following ones are marked with certain productivity: certain lexical items, in particular poor; standardized phrases, clichés, etc. The study analyzes the typical means of expressing sympathy, in particular language constructions, in the Ukrainian language. Some language means of expressing sympathy in the Ukrainian language reinforce the dynamic change of speech dynamics. The specificity of the communicative strategy of sympathy in both English and Ukrainian languages is characterized based on fiction. The techniques during the translation of the communicative strategy of sympathy from English to Ukrainian have been determined.

Key words: sympathy, language pattern, standard cliche phrase, communicative tactic, communicative strategy

Pages: 37-50

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