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Ambiguity in the Russian terminology of the energy industry

May Chan Myae Zaw – Alpatova Polina Nikolaevna

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2023.16.01.05

This article is devoted to the study of the formation and characteristics of ambiguous (polysemous) words in modern Russian terminology of the energy industry. In this article formation and development of terminology in Russia, the role of terminology in the XX and XXI centuries, the concept of terms and terminology in modern Russian linguistics, and the essence of polysemous terms in the energy industry are considered. This study is carried out by the lexico-semantic approach, observation, collecting and analysis of data. As the result of the collected data analysis, it can be concluded that 1) a number of ambiguous (polysemous) terms is found in the terminology of the energy industry; 2) those terms are widely used in different scientific texts, discourses and research; 3) some of them can be found with the similar or different meanings in various scientific fields; 4) the intended meaning of a polysemous term can be identified according to the context. The results of this article can be used in teaching and learning the Russian language as a native or a foreign language, in the development of training courses for professional communications, for translation of scientific texts and in the creation of dictionaries.

Key words: ambiguity, context, energy industry, polysemy, term, terminology

Pages: 60-69

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