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Categories of caring thinking in philosophical, literary stories in connection with the formation of awareness of nature protection and sustainable life

Gabor Pintes – Simona Borisova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2023.16.03.04

The paper is oriented to reviewing the educational program Philosophy for Children concerning its part – philosophical, literary stories. A philosophical, literary story written for the needs of the implementation of the Philosophy for Children program belongs to artistic literature. It contains philosophical categories and is characterized by simplicity in the thematic, content, and language components. The given educational program, as a form of applied philosophy by its focus, can provide a wide space for children to reflect on global problems attractively and engagingly. The fundamental reason for introducing philosophizing in the practice of education is that the program is a stimulating way of developing the qualities of thought, communication, and cooperation. Children learn to think for themselves together with others by including literary stories and environmental questions. Individual participants in the community of inquiry can be encouraged to actively think about the possibilities of nature protection, which we consider a prerequisite for changing their behavior concerning a sustainable way of life. The paper aims to reflect on the categories of caring thinking in philosophical, literary stories connected to the environmental issue.

Key words: philosophical, literary story, caring thinking, Philosophy for Children program, sustainable development

Pages: 35-47

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