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Defending enlightenment philosophy of the rule of law. (the image of the concept of usurping democracy in Poland Post-2015 created by independent media)

Aleksander Kobylarek – Martyna Madej

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2023.16.03.06

The main political party in power in Poland arouses much controversy, which is caused, among other things, by omnipresent propaganda and manipulation of content. This article results from a meta-analysis of framing media messages in Poland's leading independent media. The ruling party's reign of power, the reduction of opponents and the swearing in of (also illegitimate) allies in the most strategic positions, or the abuse of immunity and attempts to subjugate institutions such as the courts and the prosecutor's office are clearly discernible. Such acts have also directly affected citizens who have chosen to take to the streets and defend their rights, which has entailed, for example, court proceedings being brought against them. The declaration and actions of the ruling party, which invokes Catholic values, are contradictory - even mutually exclusive. The Polish free independent media show how many abnormalities and abuses have occurred during the reign of the current government. Consequently, various measures are also being taken against the fourth estate to restrict its freedom, influence its content, obstruct its journalistic integrity, and there have even been attempts to seize such media and drag them to the "right" side.

Key words: fourth estate, separation of powers, the concept of the state, post-soviet society, post-scientific society, philosophy of power

Pages: 57-66

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