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The impact of native language utilization on sentence structure and pattern learning

Fatmah Aboud M. Alqahtani

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2024.17.02.10

This study aimed to investigate the effect of utilizing learners' native language in the process of learning sentence structural slots and patterns. The sample consisted of 50 college students enrolled in the first level of an English Translation program. They study linguistic courses to enhance their English proficiency. The study employed two tests: a pre-test conducted after the explanation of sentence structures and patterns, and a post-test conducted after incorporating the use of the students' native language during the explanation process. The findings of the study revealed a significant impact of translation on the overall performance of the students. The utilization of the native language demonstrated a substantial effect on sentences with optional slots and simple slots. However, the effect was comparatively lower for sentences with compound slots. The results suggest that incorporating the learners' native language in the learning process can enhance their understanding and acquisition of sentence structures and patterns. This finding aligns with the notion that utilizing familiar linguistic resources can facilitate comprehension and retention of new language concepts (Omidire and Ayob, 2020). The implications of this study highlight the potential benefits of incorporating translation techniques in language instruction.

Key words: sentence pattern, translation, structure, native language, learning

Pages: 150-160

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