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Gamification integration into multilingual classrooms 

Dinara G. Vasbieva – Olga A. Kalugina

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2024.17.02.12

This paper discusses today's multilingual classrooms, which are developing under the conditions of digitalization by promoting gamification or incorporating game elements and mechanics into non-game contexts. The purpose of the study is to substantiate and evaluate the impact of gamification on students' motivation, engagement, and enjoyment with the help of action research, and gamification is compared to the game-based learning method. The instruments applied were tests, interviews, and class observations. The gamification of learning is an educational approach that seeks to motivate students for the benefit and purpose of the foreign language class. When applied correctly, gamification can bring new and complex elements to the foreign language learning environment, which created quite favorable overall students' perception of the class. The findings indicate that the action research validates the effectiveness of gamification as a strategy for engaging, motivating and entertaining students in the university classroom setting.

Key words: gamification, game-based learning, multilingual classroom, university classroom setting, game elements

Pages: 178-189

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