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Promoting multilingualism and executive functions: a cross-cultural study on language learning support

Tahany S. Shaaban – Amr M. Mohamed – Saleem Mohd Nasim – Rose A. Janada – Aseel Alfaisal – Syeda Mujeeba

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2024.17.02.14

This cross-cultural study examined the impact of multilingualism on executive functions in adults. The research sought to understand how language diversity influences cognitive abilities, particularly executive functions, across different cultural backgrounds. The study used email interviews with five open-ended questions to examine difficulties and methods for helping teachers and parents with language learning. Six ESL teachers and six Arabic-speaking parents whose children were enrolled in the ESL program were purposefully chosen for this study. The study identified the communication and coordination challenges between ESL teachers and parents in supporting language learning among ESL students, emphasizing the importance of trust and respect. Effective strategies for language acquisition, such as regular communication, integrating language learning into daily routines, utilizing technology, and involving children in cultural events, were identified. Inclusive teaching practices and the role of caregivers in language learning were also discussed as significant factors. Diverse participants should be involved in future research on language learning support while exploring effective collaborative strategies and multiculturalism.

Key words: multilingualism, executive functions, cross-cultural, language diversity, inclusive language learning, effective strategies

Pages: 200-216

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