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Self-regulatory learning strategies involving the use of linguistic landscape: the case of undergraduate multilingual learners

Jakub Przybył – Danuta Wiśniewska

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2024.17.02.16

Capitalising on research into self-regulated learning strategies (SRLS), the study reported in the present paper explored the use of SRLS by multilingual learners in the context of the linguistic landscape. We designed the Linguistic Landscape (LL) SRLS Inventory, used it for data collection and validated it. Insights were provided by 100 undergraduate students of English and German and concerned searching for opportunities to learn from LL, paying attention to LL, creating mental linkages with LL, and organising LL-based learning. Statistical analyses revealed that the use of LL SRLS was affected by reading comprehension skills and varied substantially across SR stages.

Key words: linguistic landscape (LL), self-regulation (SR), self-regulated language learning (SRLL), self-regulated learning strategies (SRLS), learning environment

Pages: 231-249

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