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The use of Anglicisms in headlines of some online media outlets in Albanian

Faton Ismajli – Shemsi Haziri

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2024.17.02.17

This research paper will analyze the Anglicisms in headlines of some online media outlets in Albanian in the aspect of their usage. The impact of linguistic and media globalism on the information and education of news readers will be the basis of the paper when it comes mainly to the impact of online media outlets, which are very popular and easily accessible to each user. While analyzing the Anglicisms, three online media outlets in three regions with Albanian population have been selected with a particular focus: http://www.balkanweb.com/live/#gsc.tab=0 from Albania; http://www.indeksonline.net from Kosovo; and http://www.portalb.mk/ from North Macedonia, while not being limited to only these media outlets, in the general aspect of the use of Anglicisms. During the theoretical and practical explication of the paper, after choosing the research questions, the authors have endeavored to find proven answers on why the use of Anglicisms in online media outlets is in Albanian so desirable and necessary, and in this particular case, in their news titles that have much more readers and impact to all the readers. Furthermore, the authors have sought to give explanations as to whether the Albanian language can substitute all the Anglicism used in online media with its original words and whether Albanian is joining other minor languages when it comes to the great influence of English in the processes of globalization and North-Atlantic integration, and so on. Furthermore, in the final part of the paper, the authors will lay out other results of the findings of this paper, in relation to media and language, to carry out a general scientific analysis in general in the field of communication in online media outlets in Albanian.

Key words: Anglicisms, news titles, online media outlets, Albanian language, globalism

Pages: 250-267

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