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Language and content of Heraclitus’ philosophy

Andrzej Korczak – Wojciech Słomski

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2024.17.03.12

Many researchers treat Heraclitus's statements equally with scientific philosophy and evaluate them very low. At the same time, some philosophers and researchers believe that the form of his speech is adequate to the wisdom content. Its task is to arouse mental mobility. In support of this thesis, one can cite the metaphoric aphorisms of Heraclitus, which, with a literal reading, will show only trivial content. Also, the apparent contradictions contained in Heraclitus's sentences do not result from methodological imperfections. They should be treated as traditional puzzles that have a very long tradition in ancient Greece.

Key words: aphorisms, metaphors, religious symbols, riddles, Heraclitus

Pages: 147-157

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