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Philosophical crossroads: exploring the convergences and tensions between scientific materialism and Monistic thought of Eastern philosophies

Dung Thanh Nguyen

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2024.17.03.13

Scientific materialism and Eastern monistic ideologies have a complicated relationship, as this study shows. While typically seen as incompatible, these worldviews share surprising similarities and moments of convergence. Both views are used to examine consciousness, reality, and mind-matter connections. Based on seminal works in scientific materialism, quantum physics, and Eastern philosophical traditions like Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, this study examines how recent advances in quantum mechanics and neuroscience have led some researchers to reconsider materialist paradigms, potentially bridging gaps with non-dualistic Eastern concepts. Our research shows that while ontological gaps remain, both theories seek to grasp ultimate reality and human experience. We believe that a sophisticated interaction between these traditions can deepen scientific and philosophical discourse and lead to more complete conceptions of consciousness and reality. The paper finishes by proposing a paradigm for future interdisciplinary research that could combine Western scientific materialism and Eastern monistic thinking to better comprehend existence and consciousness.

Key words: scientific materialism, ontological monism, eastern philosophy, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism

Pages: 158-169

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