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Specific features of special discourse genres in information technology
Anzhela Dolzhikova – Victoria Kurilenko – Yulia Biryukova – Natalia Rumyantseva – Marina Makarova – Ekaterina Kulikova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.03.01
The author analyses genres of special discourse related to information technology (IT) in terms of difficulties experienced by translators of scientific and technical texts in understanding them. For this purpose, surveys of professional translators were conducted which made it possible to identify the most typical genres: press release, instruction, corporate website and user’s manual. A discourse analysis was carried out of these genres according to specified criteria in order to compare and confirm the results of the survey as well as identify the easiest and the most difficult IT genres for translators to understand.

Key words: translation of scientific and technical texts, special discourse genres in IT, press release, instruction, corporate website, user manual

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